Environmental Outreach with the Milner Mall

Twin Enviro’s Milner Mall was founded on sound environmental principles. Reusing materials to reduce landfill waste is just one of the ways we adhere to them. Throughout the summer, we are looking to expand our environmental outreach program for volunteers of all ages who are interested in lending a hand to preserve our local and regional ecology. We would like to schedule conservation day-trip activities (such as trail maintenance, river cleanup, tree planting, invasive weed removal, etc.) during the months of June, July, and August, and are looking for input from the community on what types of activities would provide the greatest benefit to our environment.
We’d also like to know:
• What types of projects are you most interested in
• What days of the week would work best for volunteers
• Ideas for organizations we might partner with
• What environmental issues are most important to you

We’ll be in contact with other groups that have a vested interest in environmental stewardship, such as the U.S. Forest Service and the BLM, for their input. Any additional ideas are welcome and encouraged!
Our goals are to take action and make tangible improvements to the local natural environment, generate interest in conservation, get people out into our natural surroundings, and make this program a viable, sustainable institution with a long, stable future.
To submit your own ideas, please click here to send us an e-mail. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!