Building Materials Recycling

Welcome to the Milner Mall.

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• Summer Hours (May 1st – Oct 15th): Tues, Wed,Thurs & Fri – 9AM to 3PM; Sat 9AM to 12PM •
Closed Sunday & Monday and on major holidays. Operating hours are subject to change due to weather.

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Every year, hundreds of tons of otherwise useful building materials are sent to landfills because there is no mechanism to recycle these materials and make them available for reuse. This problem is especially prominent in the Yampa Valley, where the construction industry is one of the largest segments of the local economy. Frequent remodels, “scrape offs,” and new home construction projects are generating a tremendous volume of waste, much of it potentially reusable or recyclable.

Greenhouse built from recycled windows.

The Milner Mall operates as a subsidiary of Twin Enviro’s Milner Landfill, and as a general rule, we encourage the public and businesses to de-construct buildings rather than demolish them. We offer a place for owners to donate salvaged materials so they can be reused, which keeps materials out of landfills and saves natural resources.

Assorted window choices.

We then offer the salvaged materials for sale to the public at a discounted rate. The income from these sales is used to fund the organization.

Outdoor fire pit accessories made from Milner Mall materials.
Here are just some of the recycled materials we usually carry:
        • Doors & Windows
• Lumber, Hardware, & Tools
• Cabinets
• Indoor & Outdoor Furniture
• New & Vintage Household Items
• Bikes, Skis, Snowboards, & Golf Clubs
• Plumbing & Electrical Supplies
• Light Fixtures
• Various Paints & Stains
ATTENTION: If you know of someone who could use furniture, but may not be able to afford it, the Milner Mall does donate
to needy homes. We also do donate for school projects and field trips, and are a great resource for artists in search of unique
project supplies. Please click here to e-mail us for more information, or give us a call at (970) 879-6985.


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